Destiny Pits


59 lbs / Amberlite / UKC Registered / Birth 06/07/02 - 08/15/2016

Roxy comes to us by the way of Northshore apbt! Roxy is the dark horse of our group. Roxy strives to always please & she loves to be cuddled like a baby. Although mild mannered & easy going, she can be relied on to rise to any occasion.   Her athletic frame is compact and strong! Roxy can jump a 6ft. fence from a stand still. Roxy possesses the coloring & spirit of a tiger. Her midnight black brindle coat glistens in any light!

May 06



PR' Grt Lks Hand Full Of Pennies
'PR' Preachers Amblt Col Riv Ruger


'PR' Columbia Riv Amber-Lite Streak
CH PR Amblt Col Riv Heronfl Rooster DNA-P
'PR' Amber-Lite Columbia River Doty DNA-P
'PR' Columbia Riv Amber-Lite Chase DNA-VIP

Great Grandparents

GRCH 'PR' Col Riv Amber-Lt Rd Ranger Rio DNA-VIP
GRCH 'PR' Amber-Lite Bogan DNA-P #16 Top Producing Sire
CH 'PR' Yankee Pride Cover Girl
UWPCH GRCH 'PR' Amber Lt Col Riv Rd Ranger Rip DNA-VIP
GRCH 'PR' Amber-Lite Showtown MsT
GRCH 'PR' Columbia River Blaze
CH 'PR' Columbia Riv Amber-Lt Mercedes DNA-P
GRCH 'PR' Amber-Lite Bogan DNA-P #16 Top Producing Sire